Charter for Compassion Pakistan looks to bring the Compassionate City Campaign to the most populated and diverse city in Pakistan, Karachi. Compassionate Karachi is a movement that will instill the sense of citizenship and ownership in the citizens of Karachi. This will help us improve different facets of Karachi which will overall improve our lives and make the city more compassionate.

The Vision

All of Karachi will be asked to share their VISION of a Compassionate Karachi.

The Pledge

All civil society and city leaders will be invited to a historical event in which Karachi will be declared a Compassionate City.

The Charter

Based on the visions shared by all, our advisory board of prominent citizens will draft the “Charter for Compassionate Karachi”.

The Partnership

The charter will be adopted and implemented in schools, universities, businesses, associations, and governments in the years ahead.

The Campaign

The ONE MILLION-signature campaign will be launched to mobilize all stakeholders on a common vision.

Total Entries
Our Challenges

Karachi will be the most populated city in the world by 2030.
Karachi is currently one of the most dangerous cities globally.
Karachi is a fragmented society with fast depleting resources.

Our Opportunities

Karachi has a rich history of a tolerant and diverse population.
Karachi is a financial capital that generates 60% of the country’s revenue.
Karachi is a strategically located port city.

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